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    احمد امينشركه الروانعبد الغنى للتجارة

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  • Dr. Fouad El-Sayed AbdallaAbdelHalim Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed M. El-Fouly

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"Development Information Network gibbet "AinAgri

One of the group companies: Ein Arab "interested in the field of agricultural information and the provision of information to workers in the agriculture sector, whether students or producers or owners of companies.
Proposed activity:
Provide technical support through the provision of reliable information and modern in the agricultural field.
Provide immediate counseling service which is unprecedented in Egypt.
Generation expanded agricultural integrated service to be a leader in the field of agriculture.
Provide مدفعة site wage gradually to serve small business owners.
Provide advertising services for all products through the information network.
 Business management implementation of agricultural projects and services projects and agricultural facilities.
 Preparation of economic studies and planning for agricultural projects.
 Preparation of studies of engineering and technology for agricultural projects.
 Preparation of studies for investment projects and providing consultancy for agriculture.
 Conduct studies and research and technical and economic feasibility studies for agricultural projects.
Marketing and promotion of agricultural investment areas.
Marketing, promotion and management fields of agricultural development and reclamation and cultivation of land.
 A study domestic and overseas markets and work to stimulate agricultural exports.
 Availability and accessibility of the distinctive human elements necessary for the development and management of projects, resources and products through specialized centers for training and rehabilitation.
 Production and development of software and computer applications and the creation of databases and electronic information systems, operation and training and help upgrade the level of agricultural management and operation of the projects electronically.
 Production and development of embedded systems up and running and training.
 Characterization and design work for the transport networks and data manipulation.
Design irrigation and fertilization programs of most of the land with the provision of application software helps in the piece.



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Lists of plant production

Lists of Plant Protection

Lists of agricultural processing

Lists of land and water

Encyclopedia of agricultural

Visual encyclopedia

Lists of Agricultural Engineering

Lists the design and landscaping

Lists Biotechnology

Lists of rural development

Agricultural market

Import and export products

Scientific Miracles

Jokes and agricultural arts

Community agricultural

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Tests,treatments and terminology

Animal Encyclopedia


Agricultural Exchange

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